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New Jobs Ruling in the Post-Pandemic Canada

COVID-19 pandemic has caused an upheaval worldwide. Canada’s economy is no different. However, it is fast healing from COVID-19. Stats suggest that about 419, 000 new jobs were added, ever since the economy gradually revived. When Canada starts its function fully, the number is expected to triple.

The discussion of the new normal has become quite common. The new normal has brought about new changes. Let’s understand what it means for a prospective Canadian worker. How will the jobs change in the post-pandemic world? The pandemic caused multiple lay-offs and bankruptcies. The post-pandemic world is surely going to look better for jobs. New job vacancies have surfaced and are expected to increase.

As companies gear up to return and start with the normal operations, new jobs will be created. In Alberta, all the businesses screen all employees for possible COVID-19 symptoms and have made it mandatory for employees to stay home if any cold-like symptoms are found. this has paved way for new positions in the health and safety Administration, such as screen workers, who screen the employees for their temperature  before they enter the workplace.

Even before the pandemic, Canada had a shortage of skilled workers in varied industries across the country. It would be safe to say that skilled workers from overseas were always in demand, and are needed now, more than ever.

Here are some of the best job opportunities, Canada has to offer in the post-pandemic world.

  •  Healthcare Industry In the present world, the demand for health care workers has risen. Most countries are currently looking for ways to source healthcare workers from outside, due to the scarcity of frontline staff.

Registered nurses and nurse orderlies are sure to become a high priority job in Canada.

  •   Pharmacists
  •   Caregivers
  •   Health trust managers
  •   Health policy managers
  •   Digital health analyst
  •   Virologist and researchers

  •  Supply and Demand Industry The current situation demands Speedy supply, hassle-free, and smooth running supply of goods and materials. To improve on every touchpoint of the supply chain management, each member in the chain must work to their optimum best.

  •   Delivery driver
  •   Shipment coordinator
  •   Distribution center supervisor
  •   Fulfillment laborers
  •   Forklift driver
  •   Warehouse manager
  •   Logistics manager

  • Manufacturing Industry The realm of the manufacturing industry has also witnessed a change for the better. The international shutdown has benefited the environment in terms of pollution. This is created promising opportunities for eco workers and green businesses.

  •   Machinist
  •   Clean car engineers
  •   Green builders
  •   Urban growers
  •   Water quality technicians
  •   Solar cell manufacturers
  •   Recyclers

  • Education Industry Colleges, schools, universities, and all the other educational institutions had to rapidly transform the way of assessment and learning. The distance learning appears to be working well and is also promoting a fairly new and lucrative approach towards education. The teachers are now required to acquire a collaborative approach towards education incorporating both academics as well as the overall wellbeing of the students. You can consult your Canada Immigration agency in Dubai to learn better about the lucrative jobs in the post-pandemic Canadian Market.

  • Education social worker
  • Educational policy and list
  • Online tutors
  • Health education teacher

  • Digital and technology Industry Jobs in Canada that would skyrocket are in the digital and technology industries. Website developers, PPC professionals, SEO experts, graphic designers, other digital marketing professionals are surely being sort after to assist in the new wave of digitization.

  • Machine learning engineer
  • Online marketer
  • Developer
  • Content writer
  • Marketing manager
  • Social media administrator
  • Cybersecurity expert

Over 100 different visa and immigration options would allow you to work in one of the top jobs in Canada. If you wish to get in touch with the best agency in Dubai for Canada immigration, then Giant Migration is the right choice for you.


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