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Giant Migration is a licensed immigration company based in Dubai, UAE and in 7 other countries. Our company specializes in all immigration programs, with the main focus on economic immigration programs at the federal and provincial levels, family reunification, assistance to Canadian, Australian and German employers and foreign workers, international students and foreign entrepreneurs. We also have representatives across Europe and the USA.

The two most essential principles in our work are transparency and honesty. As we try to be as transparent as possible, we also need you to be completely honest with us. If you hide important information, our assessment and recommendations may go in the wrong direction. We are here to help you, so we must fully trust each other.

We will never give you false promises. If you have no chance of a single immigration program, we will tell you that we are unable to help. We will not recommend this to you if you do not have the opportunity to obtain a study permit or work permit. Get Canada immigration visa for skilled workers and start your new life in Canada, Australia and New Zealand with ease. Apply for a skilled employee visa and get selected as a permanent resident of Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

6+ Years

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We will not force you to use services that you do not need, and we will not offer you the most expensive way of immigration if you can use a cheaper package of services. We intend to maintain long-term relationships with our customers because we know that happy customers will recommend us to their friends and family members in the future, which will become our new customers.

Giant Migration was created with the goal of professional customer service in overcoming all the difficulties of immigration processes to the USA and EU countries, training, employment, and adaptation in a new place. After going through the whole process on our own and many years of living in these regions, we can confidently say that we know how and why you will need our experience and professionalism.

We are called upon to direct our experience, professionalism, and the knowledge acquired over the years to achieve your goal – to immigrate, study, live abroad. We have been represented in the immigration services market for more than ten years. We are based on the principles of flexibility, transparency, and precise planning of all stages of your immigration process – from analyzing and evaluating your immigration chances to obtaining a visa and, in the future, citizenship of the selected country.

Giant Migration would carry out the analysis of your candidacy for immigration, the receipt of various types of visas, and other elements of immigration law. We would also advise you professionally on the selection of programs and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the immigration case.

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Our Values

Customer and customer focus
Customer focus is the most important value for us. The needs, desires, and preferences of customers - this is our main task. Our goal is to build long-term relationships and mutually beneficial cooperation with customers.
Transparency and honesty
The foundation of our business is a transparent and honest dialogue and open communication with customers, consumers, partners, colleagues. We never promise that it is impossible to realize, but we strive to do our best to meet your needs. Your trust is our most valuable reward.
Professionalism and development
The high skill of our employees and continuous development and improvement guarantee the quality of service.
Individual approach
Our customers' orders are unique and therefore based on an individual strategy and approach.
A responsibility
Our reputation is built on the responsibility of each client in the services provided. Your trust is the foundation of our business.



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