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Canada is Inviting Sports Person and self-employed Artists

Individuals who are self-employed have great opportunities for PR in Canada. There are lucrative openings that are awaiting just for you via the PR route. Professionals, independent farmers, artists, etc. are considered in this category. This program is designed especially for those individuals who are willing to make a lasting establishment in Canada. If you meet these requirements, you will be entitled for business immigration visa. 

Why Choose Canada?

  • With a PR status, you get tons of rights in Canada 
  • You have the option of studying and working anywhere in Canada 
  • You will get free healthcare facilities under the Universal healthcare coverage 

There are many other leverages that you can exercise. You can take help of an immigration consultants agency in Dubai to know all about the benefits that you will get with PR in Canada. 

Immigration to Canada for Athletes, Coaches, and Athletic Events Organizers

Eligibility Criteria 

The Federal Self-Employed Program applies to: 

  • Authors/writers/Editors
  • Journalists
  • Conservators and Curators 
  • Librarian
  • Graphic Art technicians/Designers/Illustrators 
  • Interior Designers/decorators 
  • Artisans/Craftspeople
  • Athletes/Coaches/Sports Officials/Referees 
  • Photographers/ Camera operators
  • Actors/ Comedians / Choreographers/ Producers/ Directors 
  •  Painters and Sculptors 

Interested applicants should qualify the succeeding conditions. Your eligibility should be two or more years of pertinent experience and you are also required to demonstrate your intention of becoming self-employed in Canada. You must get a score of 35 in order to define whether or not will you be able to support Canada economically. The selection scales and maximum points are: 

  • Experience – 35
  • Education – 25
  • IELTS Score/ Language Proficiency – 24
  • Adaptability – 06 
  • Age – 10

In addition to the professions mentioned above, there are several other professionals that are eligible under this program. If you are some professional and want to opt for PR, you should seek help from the immigration consultants agency in Dubai which will guide you through the process.

The Application Process

There are three steps of the application procedure: 

Manitoba PNP draw distributes 124 invitations

Application Package: This comprises of the complete guide and the certification process. An immigration consultancy will be able to help you better with the application procedure. 

Application Fee: The fee includes processing feed, the RPRF – Right of Permanent Residence Fee, Biometrics and fees for other processes such as medical exams, police verifications, language testing etc. which come under the third-party fees. 

Application Submit: Once everything is properly organized, move to submitting the documents and application properly. Your immigration partner will help you regrading all the latest updates and the evolving trends. 

Getting a Permanent Resident status can be complex as there are so many steps with varying eligibility criterions. This is where an immigration consultancy will help you. With the immigration consultants, you will be able to manage things differently and the entire process will be comparatively tranquil. The immigration consultants agency in Dubai will provide you guidance and support through the application till everything is completed. 

Get connected with the best consultants and begin the PR visa application right away!


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