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What to Expect from Canada Immigration in 2021?

People wish to move to foreign lands for many reasons. The foremost reason for one to move to a new nation is because they wish for a better lifestyle for themselves. Usually, most of the popular destinations are New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, and more, they offer immigrants an opportunity to start a new and lavish life. Well, unlike other countries, Canada is welcoming to immigrants across the globe. Nowadays people from almost all countries can be found in the land of Canada. However, in 2020 Canada, like any other country, experienced the harsh effects of the Coronavirus outbreak. The pandemic now is expected to continue affecting the immigration procedure in 2021. Wondering what that might be? Well, Canada has become the largest vaccination land in history in the past December striving to vaccinate those who wish to start a normal life by September 2021.

Now, let’s learn more about what can be expected from Canadian immigration…

  • Travel Restrictions, partially lifted: As you all know, there were some travel restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic. Now that some of the restrictions are lifted, it offers the newcomers a better flow that would provide the country’s economy a required boost.
  • Canada- Ukraine Mobility Working Group: Canada introduced a mobility working group with Ukraine that will help expand collaboration on migration. It helps increase recruitment and supports Canada’s economic immigration program on migration related issues.
  • Parents Program 2021: As per the IRCC, PGP (Parents and Grandparents Program) lottery has to turn in early 2021. With this program, IRCC invites around 10,000 (ten thousand) applicants in the first round bringing their parents and grandparents to Canada. However, one can expect to have the lottery increase up to 30,000.


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  • CRS Score Decreases: It is expected that the lowest CRS score might decrease as Canada hasn’t achieved its target to invite a good number of immigrants this year. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, you can expect a CRS score as this past year quite high however it will decrease in 2021.
  • Special Pathways for Hong Kong Citizens: Canada is planning to introduce new immigration pathways that allow people from Hong Kong to apply for a work permit or permanent residency. Anyone who graduated from a popular or recognized university in the past five years can expect to apply for a job opportunity in Canada if they meet certain requirements.
  • Focus on Economic Program: It is proposed that there will be an increase in numbers the Canadian government has announced for the next three years. This includes the impact, as well as the demand for skilled labor, will rise and employers are required to look into agriculture, food pilots, francophone immigration, and more.


Canadian immigration can be expected to go back to the pre-pandemic mode in 2021 and the immigration targets will be welcomed by the government to help rebuild the diminishing economy. Those who are planning to migrate to Canada can choose Canada Immigration Express Entry from Dubai or Abu Dhabi. We at Giant Migration, being the top and trusted immigration consultants in Dubai assist our clients from filing documents to full adaptation in the new land. We possess rich experience helping our clients migrate to a foreign country without hassle.


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