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Australia is a beautiful country with a blend of arts, cultures and soul-soothing, picturesque views. While it is deemed to be the smallest continent in the world, the country is sixth largest basis the total area.

Approximately 25% of people who have been resident in Australia for many years are not actually Australian citizens. These people, as a rule, have the status: “Foreign citizen who is granted an Australian permanent visa” (lawful non-citizen).

A permanent Australian visa is granted to a person once, is valid for life, and cannot be canceled (except in very rare cases). Visa stamp (not visa), namely a scrap of sticky paper with watermarks pasted into the national passport of the holder of an Australian visa – this is only evidence of the presence of this person a grant to him by the Department of Immigration of Australia (India) a permanent Australian visa.

The very “visa” is a virtual concept and may require a certificate of granting it to a person in the form of a visa stamp pasted in his passport, or maybe not. Any decision on granting a visa (or refusing to grant a visa) is recorded electronically in the database of the Department of Immigration of Australia (India) and does not require any mark in the passport of the visa holder.

If for some personal (subjective) reason, the holder of an Australian permanent visa wants to visually admire a piece of paper in his current national passport, he needs to provide a national passport to any DoHA visa center and paste in his visa stamp as proof of his grant valid Australian visa.

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Giant Migration, Australian Migration Agency in India, offers you many detailed, refined cognitive travel programs to Australia along with a great opportunity to “tailor” an individual tour to Australia, especially for you, your whims, and interests. Among our offers, you will find trips for exploring the continent and a more in-depth study of certain territories.

Start planning your trip to Australia, and you will fall in love with the wonders that the Australian continent offers travelers.

Have rich experience in planning independent routes and travels! You can plan your trip, and our team will be happy to help you apply for a visa to Australia.

Giant Migration, your reliable Australian Immigration Consultants in Dubai, would also help you acquire a permanent or temporary work visa. Your employer would go through all the processes of requesting approval, authorizing a regional board, appointing an employee, and submitting a visa application.

Giant Migration meets your visa requirements by offering professional advice and guidance on the application process. Even if you’re a first-time tourist or want to stay or work in Australia, we give a free visa review and direct you through every phase of the application and an individual or family test to see if you meet the applicable requirements for an Australian visa.

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