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Which Province gives easy PR in Australia?

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Which Province gives easy PR in Australia?

Australia is a highly desirable destination for immigrants seeking a better life and opportunities. With its diverse culture, strong economy, and high quality of living, it’s no surprise that Australia receives hundreds of thousands of visa applications each year. However, certain Australian states and territories offer more favourable conditions than others for those hoping to gain permanent residency or a path to citizenship. Let’s take a look at which provinces give the easiest PR in Australia.


Did you know that each Australian state and territory can nominate a certain number of skilled workers and business people for permanent residency each year? This nomination significantly boosts the chances of visa approval by the federal government. When researching how to apply for an Australia visa, one of the top options is applying through a state nomination program.


  1. South Australiais often considered one of the easiest places to obtain permanent residency through its nomination program. South Australia has a strong focus on population growth and actively recruits skilled migrants that can fill labor market needs. Their nomination requirements also tend to be less stringent than other states. For example, their occupation lists that are eligible for nomination include a wide variety of in-demand jobs at all skill levels.

Another benefit of applying for South Australia state nomination is that processing times are often faster than in other states. Their website advertises standard processing times of 6 months or less. Compare that to states like New South Wales that currently list 12 months or more processing times. The quicker time frame gives migrants a faster path to permanent residency and the ability to settle down more quickly.


A third reason why South Australia frequently tops lists as the easiest place to get PR in Australia is their willingness to nominate candidates without a job offer. Most other states require migrants to have a guaranteed job waiting before they will support a visa application. But South Australia understands it can sometimes be difficult to find work from overseas, so they are open to nominating candidates who meet their criteria even without existing employment. This removes a major obstacle that stops many migrants from even being able to apply.

Of course, it’s still not guaranteed to receive South Australia state nomination – candidates still need to prove they have the necessary skills, qualifications, English language ability and funds to support themselves as the federal government requires. However, meeting their generally lower requirements and having the nomination boost makes South Australia one of the most accessible options for skilled migrants seeking permanent residency in Australia.


  1. Northern Territory: When exploring immigration options in Australia, it may be beneficial to consider alternative territories, such as the Northern Territory. This region offers a streamlined nomination process, actively recruiting migrants across various in-demand occupations and even nominating candidates without job offers. The Northern Territory’s nomination support is specifically designed to attract new residents and help grow the population and economy of the sparsely populated area. Additionally, the state government provides several incentives for immigrants, including a fast-track PR pathway for entrepreneurs. With its natural beauty and unique culture, the Northern Territory is a great option for those seeking an alternative to more densely populated areas of Australia.


  1. Western Australia: If you’re a business owner or investor looking to immigrate to Australia, Western Australia should be at the top of your list. Located in the country’s west, Western Australia is the largest state in Australia and is known for its abundant natural resources. With its business-friendly visa pathways, including the Significant Business History visa and state-nominated business visas, it’s an ideal location for those looking to invest in WA-based businesses and gain permanent residency. In addition, the state government offers incentives for skilled workers in certain industries, making it a great destination for many.


  1. Queensland is a fantastic destination for skilled workers looking for an easy pathway to permanent residency in Australia. With its fast-track PR pathway for skilled workers in certain industries, the state government is making it easier than ever before to settle down and start a new life in this beautiful part of the country. As the second-largest state in Australia, Queensland boasts stunning beaches and lush rainforests that are sure to impress anyone who visits. Additionally, the state is committed to attracting talented immigrants who can help drive the economy in key industries like healthcare, STEM, tourism, and agriculture. With all these incentives in place, it’s no wonder more skilled workers are making Queensland their new home.


When immigrating to Australia and seeking the most straightforward pathway to permanent residency, it is highly recommended that you closely examine the state nomination programs. South Australia, Queensland, and the Northern Territory are known to have supportive nomination criteria and requirements, making them top choices for migrants looking for an easy PR process. By thoroughly researching the different state and territory options, you can increase your chances of obtaining permanent residency and making Australia your long-term home.


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FAQ 1: Which Australian state has the highest chance of state nomination?

Answer: South Australia and Tasmania have the highest chance of state nomination. Both states actively promote migration and have nomination programs tailored for various visa subclasses. South Australia, in particular, has nomination programs for skilled workers in designated occupations in demand.


FAQ 2: What are the visa options to get PR through state nomination?

Answer: Some of the main visa options to get Australian PR through state nomination include:

  • Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) – This visa requires an occupation on the respective state’s list and a nomination from that state.
  • Regional Skilled Migration Scheme (subclass 489) – Requires living/working in a regional area for at least two years, after which PR can be obtained.
  • Business Innovation and Investment visa (subclass 188) – For business owners/senior managers who invest/create jobs in a state/territory.



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