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Top 6 Reasons for Canadian Visa Application Rejection
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`Top 6 Reasons for Canadian Visa Application Rejection

Top 6 Reasons for Canadian Visa Application Rejection

Top 6 Reasons for Canadian Visa Application Rejection

Because of the increasing popularity, the rate of visa application rejection is rising. Refusal of a Canadian visa in 2023 can be unpleasant since it could affect your vacation plans, employment plans, or even a new housing situation. Don’t worry, there are quite a few actions you can undertake after a visa denial to still acquire a Canadian visa. Contrary to what people think, resubmitting an application after a Canadian visa refusal is an option, considering the reason why the application was denied initially. The letter that the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship of Canada (IRCC) provides you explaining why your visa was denied does not include the reason for the refusal. Based on the specific criteria of each visa class, there are several reasons why a visa application may be refused.

Factors for Rejection of a Canadian Visa

  • Failure to produce authentic and up-to-date supporting documentation.
  • Failure to demonstrate enough financial stability to fund your trip or stay in Canada.
  • Failure to fulfill Canada’s security measures, as in the instance of an applicant with a criminal history.
  • Failure to meet health requirements.
  • Inability to meet communication requirements/language proficiency.
  • The visa officer has doubts about the applicant’s purpose.

Security Check by the Authorities

You must provide a criminal record demonstrating that you have not been engaged in any of the following:

  • Committed a crime (including driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol) 
  • Espionage
  • Terror or violence
  • Subversion (for example, political riots or labor strikes)
  • Be a member of an entity that infringes human or international rights (for example, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and so on) or is engaged in organized crime (for example, money laundering, people trafficking, and so on)

You Have Not Provided Sufficient Supporting Documentation

When applying for a Canadian visa, you must offer supporting documentation to establish that what you are claiming is factual. For instance, if you have a degree, you must supply a copy of your diploma as well as your transcripts. If you have a few years of working experience, you can also provide a letter of recommendation detailing your role, working hours, responsibilities, and pay. Failure to submit enough proof to support your allegations may result in your visa application rejection or simply being returned.

You Have Not Provided Health Documents/Proof

When applying for a Canadian visa, you must undergo an immigration medical exam performed by a government-approved medical institution or specialist. Medical inadmissibility encompasses the following conditions: 

  • A threat to public health (having an infectious active illness, such as TB or syphilis, or having been in touch with someone who has an infectious disease).
  • A threat to public safety (including loss of physical and mental abilities, unpredictable or violent behaviour). 
  • an overburdening of health or social services (depending on whether the cost of your medical treatments would place an undue strain on the public Canadian healthcare system, negatively impacting wait times).

Financial Instability

Whether you are working, travelling, studying, or immigrating to Canada, you must present adequate evidence that you will be able to support not just yourself but also your dependents throughout your stay. This is applicable irrespective of if your dependents will accompany you to Canada. Successful applicants often have financial proof indicating their capacity to reside in Canada for a longer amount of time. They do not, however, submit the required financial evidence to establish that they possess sufficient funds to pay for their stay for at least 6–10 months. 

Sufficient Proof to Support Your Reasons for Visiting Canada

Government authorities must be satisfied that your motives for visiting Canada are legal and reasonable. You must demonstrate that you are, for example, traveling for tourism or attending a conference. You must also demonstrate that you will come home when your work/travel is over. This might be influenced by your previous travel history (such as overstaying in another country) and failure to provide a genuine cause for returning home, such as permanent employment or dependents.

Inability to Meet Language Proficiency

For a student visa and work visa, you must take admission examinations (IELTS) and get the requisite score. If you cannot meet the requirements, your visa may be denied.

Fix Initial Errors

Whatever visa class or type you were denied for, if the cause for the denial was a mistake in your visa application refusal, you can rectify the issue by making the appropriate changes. Check the details that you provided before, and give any additional data or supporting papers that are required. Please offer an in-depth justification for why the additional information was not included in your first application.

Seek Professional Advice

If your visa was refused, there’s a good chance you didn’t hire an immigration lawyer. Obtaining your immigration Physical File is critical if you want that denial reversed or your second application granted. An immigration lawyer will be given access to your case in order to identify what factors prevented you from receiving permission. The regulations governing Canadian visa refusal are quite intricate. It is in your best interests to seek the counsel and help of an expert immigration lawyer.

The Bottom Line

These are the most prevalent causes of visa application rejection. As a prospective applicant, you must ensure that you have all the relevant paperwork for the application procedure. Financial records, medical records, character certificates, and other appropriate documentation are included. Before applying for a Canada visa, you ought to have a transparent reason to do so. Last but not least, you must work with a qualified and competent immigration adviser such as Giant Migration to ensure that your Canada visa application goes well. Check out our website for more information, and book a free consultation right now.


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       1 . What are the factors to be considered for visa application rejection?

The below-mentioned points are important to consider for visa application rejection:

  • Failure to produce up-to-date documents
  • Financial instability
  • An applicant’s criminal history
  • Medical records
  • Language proficiency.
  • Reason for visiting another country.


         2. Can I re-apply after the Canada visa application refusal?

Yes, absolutely! Make sure you consider all the factors why your visa got rejected and submit the required documents and proofs along with the justification of why your first application was refused.


           3. What happens if my Canada visa application fails?

The refusal of Canadian visas is relatively high, but the success percentage after re-applying is higher. If your application fails on the first attempt, connect with a good immigration agency and proceed with your second application. Make sure you put all the documents in place and do not repeat the same mistakes as you did during your initial visa application procedure.


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