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Jobs in Australia For Indians in 2024
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Jobs in Australia For Indians in 2024

Jobs in Australia For Indians in 2024

A lot of us aspire to move to newer countries but find ourselves troubled when it comes to seeking jobs. In order to settle at a good spot, one needs to sync their skills with the right job profile and not forget that the jobs are also in demand as well as in trend. Australia is one such popular and most sought-after place that Indians generally migrate to. Keeping in mind the overall education and work culture, we will be looking at the top and best jobs that Indians who are moving to in the near future should seek or look out for.

Accountants: If you are a qualified accountant from India, it would be recognised in Australia. No matter the type i.e., Chartered accountants, management accountants, and bookkeepers are all in demand. Many Indian accountants work for the Big Four accounting firms in Australia. So we would advise you to look for an accountant post if numbers are your favourite thing to play with.
The work would generally range from preparing and analysing financial reports to filing tax returns, budgets, and audits for individuals, businesses, and organisations. Apart from that, you can also work in various industries, such as banking, consulting, manufacturing, and government. What you will be required to work as an accountant in Australia is that you need to have a bachelor’s degree or higher in accounting or a related field and a professional accreditation from a recognised body, such as CPA Australia, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, or the Institute of Public Accountants.


Teaching Jobs: Education is the demand of the globalised world and teachers are always the leaders of the field. Schools in Australia continue to welcome good teachers. If you love teaching and wish to help the next generation grow wiser, this could be a rewarding career.
Another related job you could do is work as a Second Language (ESL) teacher. These teachers help students from other countries improve their English and adjust to life in Australia. ESL teachers can work in many places like schools, colleges, universities, and community centres.
The basic requirements would be to have the relevant certificates like, for example, Certificate IV in TESOL, the CELTA, or the DELTA.
ESL teachers are in high demand in Australia, especially in big cities and rural areas with many immigrants and refugees. Being an ESL teacher can be very rewarding for Indians who love language, culture, and education. It’s a good way to help others while doing something you enjoy.

Culinary and Cooking Jobs: Like most countries, Australia’s culture also places a high fascination for culinary delights. What follows is the vibrant food market and respective demands. If you have a knack for cooking, then you will easily find a job related to food. You can work as a chef or a skilled cook in either a restaurant or a hotel. Restaurants are always on a hiring spree, given that you are good with the ingredients. So jobs related to cooking would always be in demand, and you can also earn a decent sum.

Nursing: Australia’s population is getting older, and they need more nurses to take care of everyone. If you’re a qualified nurse, you’ll find plenty of job openings.
One another driving force behind the Nursing staff demand is due to Australia’s ageing population. Indians can find jobs as registered nurses or other supporting nursing roles. It’s a comparatively stable profile if we compare it with other countries and also in terms of career growth.
The Healthcare industry: It is experiencing a boom post-pandemic and developing a demand for healthcare and staff. If you have a skill set around the health sector, then look for offerings offering a competitive salary and saving precious lives. Within it also falls Medical Professionals who are skilled and have achieved prowess in their fields. Ranging from surgeon, dentist and or physician, they all earn fancy numbers as their salaries range between 200k – 300K, varying based on expertise and experience.

Software Developers: Digitalisation has turned the world upside down. Software developers are in high demand, especially with a computer science degree or a related field. If you are eligible, you can develop innovative games and programs and earn a handsome salary. There is an equal demand for developers for mobile apps, website development and programming. Plus, Indians are popular for their sharp skills in IT and already make up a large portion of the tech workforce in Australia. Related job profiles could be about designing, developing, testing, and maintaining software systems and applications for various purposes. Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity have created another parallel surge for developers. The jobs come from various sectors, such as IT, telecommunications, entertainment, and education. The basic requirements to work as a software engineer in Australia would be a bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science, software engineering, or a related field. And who doesn’t appreciate a strong knowledge of programming languages, such as Java, C++, and Python?

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While we can only browse through only a few job profiles we would like to make a passing remark on the related jobs that one can search for. These include Agricultural Engineer and Scientists, Civil Engineers, Electric and Electronics Engineers and Graphic designers. Some other low qualification profiles include Mechanics and technicians.
Australia, as a country, has a strong economy and offers many opportunities for skilled professionals. However, we understand that finding a suitable job in Australia can be difficult on days for many Indians. However, we would also advise you to contact a New Zealand work visa immigration consultant in Qatar. But I hope our blog could help shed some light on the overall Australian job market. We will continue to help you by providing an overview of job markets for your future endeavours.


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