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How to Write an SOP for Canada after a Study Visa is Rejected

How to Write an SOP for Canada after a Study Visa is Rejected

How to Write an SOP for Canada after a Study Visa is Rejected

Hello Readers! Many of us would have faced rejection in our study visa applications. Generally, we become disheartened and anxious about and look for ways to overcome this failure and re-secure our study visa. The rejection does not mean you have to give up on your dream of studying In Canada. Today, we will look at plausible fixes that may help you re-apply with a stronger application and a better articulated Statement of Purpose (SOP) to the Visa officials.


Let’s begin with a basic understanding of SOP.
It refers to a document(kind of a letter) that enumerates your professional and educational background. Written with a word limit of 750-1000 words, it further lists your reasons for opting for the program you seek admission to. It is a crucial document that helps convince the visa officer of your genuine intentions to pursue the program and return to your home country once it is over.

Generally, the SOP requirement is for two purposes: firstly, to apply for any program in a Canadian University. The other is to address the Visa authorities in order to convince them to validate your Study visa.

Within the SOP, there is usually a structure that includes the following;

  1. Introduction
  2. Personal information followed by Academic achievements and records.
  3. Professional Experience (If any).
  4. Elaborate reasons for opting for Canada and the particular course to some extent (in brief).
  5. Professional objectives and Near future goals.
  6. Source of Funds.
  7. Compelling Conclusion.


Notes for the structure mentioned above;

  • The study plan explains why you chose Canada to study. It is addressed to the immigration officials and visa officers. They will use it to understand your reasons for coming and if you qualify for a student visa. It also gives them personal details like your education history, any jobs you have had, and what you want to do career-wise after.


  • The most important parts are (4) and (5) to clearly explain why you want to study in Canada instead of elsewhere. And how the course you chose fits with things you have done before, like previous education or work experience. To some extent, this also helps officials to understand you are coming to Canada to study and that you have a real plan to study, not to live in Canada permanently.
  • It would help to end your SOP with a strong and confident conclusion summarising your main points and reiterating your interest and suitability for a study visa.

Note this structure is only a suggestion; the applicant may modify it as per needs and use creativity with the SOP.

But writing a new SOP after a Study visa is rejected can be tricky but not impossible to crack.

To begin with, the applicant should try to get hold of the exact reason behind the Visa Rejection. The reason can be found in the rejection letter received over email from the Canadian immigration authorities. It generally comes with the relevant section the applicant did not meet and a brief explanation of the grounds for refusal. We understand that as a student, you may seek further help regarding your study visa or guidance for your SOP. In that case, you may contact a Canada study visa immigration consultant in Delhi.

Some common grounds for the rejection of visa applications include

  1. One may not have enough money to pay for their studies and living costs in Canada.
  2. The qualifications may not be satisfactory English skills for the programme.
  3. The applicant may be unable to provide enough reasons for connections to their home country or proof that they plan to return after studying.
  4. Lack of clarity regarding current plans for studies and future careers.
  5. Submitting incorrect or inappropriate information in the application or one with multiple mistakes.


The next step to counter this issue is evident, i.e. convince the authorities how you can overcome these irregularities or things that are falling short. To begin writing your SOP for Canada, explain how you have adequately addressed the reasons for rejection. How you are now a suitable candidate for a study visa for Canada.

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  1. Strengthen Monetary support: For instance, if your rejection was due to monetary reasons, you may submit proof of scholarships, loans, or sponsorship to back your studies. Further, show them bank statements and other financial documents to show your financial soundness.
  2. Improve Scores: Similarly, suppose the reason for rejection was your grades or English skills. In that case, you can explain how you’ve improved your grades, taken extra classes, or gotten better scores on tests like IELTS or TOEFL. Overall efforts to show that you have worked on yourself from the past application SOP. You can also show updated transcripts, certificates, or test results to prove you’re doing better academically.
  3. Prove Intention to return: Another correction for Visa rejection because you didn’t show enough connections to your home country or a plan to return. In that case, one may narrate how you have strong ties like family, friends, or a job there, so you would be more than willing to return. Apart from this, you can also show things existence of property or a business in your home country to prove you plan to return after studying.
  4. Offer clarity regarding goals: If your study visa was rejected because your study plan or career goals weren’t clear. In that case, you can discuss how you’ve researched your program and how it fits your knowledge base and priority area.
  5. Correct your Mistakes: Suppose your study visa was rejected because of mistakes in your application. In that case, you can explain how you’ve fixed them in your new application. You can also say sorry for any errors and promise to be honest.

The final piece of advice would be to showcase a positive perspective and enthusiasm for the same. The whole idea of SOP is to showcase yourself as the most suitable of the lot, backed by your academic and other professional excellence. Your SOP should also reflect your skillset, be it about leadership qualities, teamwork, or other potential social and cultural awareness. In the end, if you find it difficult to curate a SOP and any other advice, you can get further help from a professional agency and try contacting a Canada study visa immigration consultant in Jalandhar.


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