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How to Calculate Your Points for PR in Australia

How to Calculate Your Points for PR in Australia

How to Calculate Your Points for PR in Australia


What are these PR points?

Australia’s skilled migration program uses a points-based system to assess applications for permanent residency (PR). Candidates are awarded points based on several factors, such as their age, work experience, skills, education level, and English language proficiency. Also, additional points can be earned for having a family in Australia or investing in the Australian economy.

Applicants are subject to skilled migration points test to be eligible for PR in Australia. The number of points earned determines eligibility, with a minimum of 65 required (varies by visa subclass). To increase competitiveness for an invitation to apply, earning 75 points or more is recommended. Age is a key factor in the points calculation, with higher points awarded to those under 45. Additionally, points are given for skilled work experience in a nominated occupation in demand in Australia and for educational qualifications from an Australian university. English language ability is also considered, with points awarded based on demonstrated proficiency in a valid test.

How to Calculate Your Points

If you’re considering applying for permanent residency in Australia through the skilled migration program, it’s important to accurately evaluate how many points you can earn based on your profile. Fortunately, the Australian government offers an online points calculator to assist you. You can calculate your score and determine your eligibility by providing information about your age, work experience, skills, education, English language proficiency, and other factors. The process is simple to use, so go ahead and give it a try. With the help of the online points calculator, you can be assured of the accuracy of your application and increase your chances of success.


Let’s take a comprehensive view of the factors that are considered!

The following factors are considered when calculating your points for PR in Australia:

  • Age: You will score more points if you are younger than 45.
  • Work experience: You will score more points if you have relevant work experience in an occupation that is in demand in Australia.
  • Skills: You will score more points if you have skills in demand in Australia.
  • Education: You will score more points if you have a degree from an Australian university or an equivalent qualification from another country.
  • English language proficiency: You will score more points if you have a high level of English language proficiency.
  • Partner or family members in Australia: You will score more points if you have a partner or family members who are Australian citizens or permanent residents.
  • Investment in the Australian economy: You will score more points if you have invested a certain amount of money in the Australian economy.

How to Increase Your Points?

You can do several other things to increase your points for PR in Australia. These include:

  1. Getting a degree from an Australian university. This is one of the most effective ways to increase your points.
  2. Improving your English language proficiency. You can take an English language test, such as the IELTS or TOEFL.
  3. Getting work experience in an occupation that is in demand in Australia. You can find out about in-demand occupations on the Australian government’s website.
  4. Getting married to an Australian citizen or permanent resident. This will give you an automatic 10 points.
  5. Investing a certain amount of money in the Australian economy. You can buy property, start a business, or invest in shares.

Additional tips for increasing your points include:

  1. Get certified in your skills or occupation. This will demonstrate your skills and knowledge to potential employers.
  2. Volunteer your time to a community organization. This will show that you are a valuable member of the community.
  3. Get involved in professional associations. This will help you to network with other professionals in your field.
  4. Publish articles or research papers in your field. This will demonstrate your expertise in your field.
  5. Keep up to date on industry trends. This will help you to demonstrate your knowledge of the Australian job market.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of success in your PR application in Australia. Consult a registered migration agent in Delhi for Australia student visa immigration. They can help you assess your profile and advise you on the best approach to increasing your points.


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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q.1 How do age, education, work experience and English language ability points work?

Ans. For age, you receive 30 points if you are under 30, decreasing by 1 point every year until you reach 45. Education qualifications like an Australian bachelor’s or higher degree earn you 20-25 points. Relevant skilled work experience within the past ten years gains you 5-15 points, depending on duration. English language ability is worth up to 20 points, determined by your IELTS/PTE score in each band. Higher scores across all bands are needed to maximize these points.


Q.2 How long are my skills assessment and other documents considered valid?

Ensure all your assessed documents are valid when you receive an invitation to apply. Most skills assessments and other documents like educational qualifications, English test scores, and work reference letters are valid for three years from the issue date. It’s important to keep track of the expiry dates of all your documents to ensure the application process is completed on time. If any of your documents have expired, you may need to get reassessed or re-take a test.


Q.3 Can I claim partner points if not married but in a de facto relationship?

  1. Yes, you can claim partner points for a de facto partner, provided you have evidence of your relationship for at least 12 months. This includes sharing finances and living together at the same address. You need supporting documents like joint bank accounts, bills, rental agreements, etc., to prove the relationship is genuine and ongoing. With sufficient evidence, partner points may be awarded.

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