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Get Your Canada Tourist Visa with Easy Steps!

Get Your Canada Tourist Visa with Easy Steps

Canada is one of the most popular tourist destinations. From seeing natural landscapes to taking a helicopter or balloon trip over Niagara Falls and Toronto, a tourist to Canada will undoubtedly have an unforgettable experience. However, touring Canada as a visitor has always been challenging, considering the level of security and rules in place in this prosperous country. Acquiring a Canada tourist visa is a relatively an easy process. This visa guide aims to help you in every way possible to securely finish the Canada tourist visa application process, both online and offline. 

Do I Need A Visa To Visit Canada?

Not everyone needs a Canadian visa to visit the country. Visa requirements vary depending on the person’s citizenship, the visit’s purpose, and the duration of your stay. Certain nations need a visa to enter Canada, whereas residents of other countries are generally free from visa requirements. So, if you are a resident of a country that requires a visa, apply for one before visiting Canada.

Who Needs a Canada Tourist Visa?

Visitors from other nations who desire to travel to Canada for the following reasons:

  • The purpose of traveling and exploring
  • Meet your friends and relatives.
  • Business purpose

All of the aforementioned groups need a Canada tourist visa to enter Canada. This is a form of temporary residence permit.

Process of Obtaining a Canadian Tourist Visa

The following procedures must be completed in order to apply for a Canada tourist visa:

Step 1: Get the Canada tourist visa application

Step 2: Upload all the Canada tourist visa documents.

Step 3: Deposit the processing fee for the visa as well as the biometrics charge. 

Step 4: Fill up and submit your application 

Step 5: Visit an embassy or consulate and provide your biometrics (fingerprint and picture).

Step 6: You will get your decision after examining your background check and eligibility.

The immigration agency may request more documentation during the evaluation stage.

Minimum Requirements for a Canada Tourist Visa

An applicant’s Canada tourist visa requirements include the following:

  • It is necessary to have a passport.
  • Must be in excellent health and have a clean criminal record
  • You must possess enough money to sustain your stay in Canada.
  • A detailed itinerary, as well as the to and from flying airfare, must be submitted.
  • Must provide verification of employment, family, and financial resources.

How to Apply for a Visa through Online Application

If you are planning a trip to Canada or have an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) and need a visiting visa, follow these steps to apply online:

Step 1: Check your eligibility

Before submitting an application for a visitor’s permit to Canada, the first and most important step is determining your eligibility. You may verify your eligibility on the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship of Canada) website.


The Canadian tourist visa requirements are:

  • A compelling justification to visit Canada. Common Reasons are denied.
  • Reason for return to home country (well-paying employment at home country, long-established firm, family, etc.)
  • Evidence of financial resources to assist you throughout your stay.
  • A well-planned schedule with a decent amount of time in Canada.
  • Stays of more than 30 days should be avoided.
  • A “statement of purpose” letter contains information such as the objective of the visit, personal information, financial details, and so on.

Step 2: Collect all the necessary documents

Gather the following papers if you meet all of the criteria for a visit visa.

  • A valid passport that has not expired within the last 6 months from the date you wish to visit Canada.
  • Application Form
  • Two passport photographs that are acceptable in Canada
  • Bank Statement/Proof of Financial Support
  • Travel Itinerary- information about your travel plans
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose)

Step 3: Submit a Visa Application

Now that you’ve obtained the necessary paperwork, it’s time to apply for the visa.

  • Register for an account on the IRCC website and fill out the application form.
  • You must pay the application cost after your application is complete.
  • Bring your passport, picture, and other papers to the nearby Canada tourist visa application center.
  • You must provide your fingerprints and a photograph (biometric).
  • Apply for a visa via the Canada tourist visa application center.
  • The application center will email you an identification number for tracking purposes.
  • This identification number can be used to track the application you submitted online. 

What is the Application Fee for a Tourist Visa to Canada?

A single-entry Canadian tourist visa costs CAD 100 as of 2023. A multiple-entry visa price is CAD 500. Visas for family members (multiple entries) cost CAD 255. These prices are subject to change, and extra expenses, such as biometric fees, visa application center fees, and so on, may apply depending on your circumstances. The price for a Canada tourist visa application is as follows:


Registration fee: 100 CAD

Fee for biometrics: 85 CAD

Canada Tourist Visa Processing Time

It takes 10-15 working days to process Canada tourist visas. This time period does not include the following:

  • Time to submit biometrics 
  • Applications sent to visa offices


Applying for a Canada tourist visa is easy, but you must follow the right steps. So we’ve walked you through all of the steps. When applying for a tourist visa, regularly check the notifications on the official website for visa applications. You will learn essential information about your visa application. The notification center gives clear information on the next steps you must follow, so carefully read them all. Have a safe trip to Canada!



  1. How long can we stay on a Canadian tourist visa in Canada?

Usually, tourists can stay in Canada for up to six whole months, but it varies from one nationality to another.


      2. How do I extend my stay in Canada?

If you plan to stay longer in Canada then apply for an extension at least 30 days before your Canada tourist visa expires. You can submit an extension visa application to your nearby visa application center and follow the steps they ask of you.


       3. Can a family of four to five people apply for one visa application?

No, you are required to apply individually for each member of your family who will be traveling to Canada on a tourist visa.


       4. Is a flight ticket necessary to get a Canada tourist visa?

Yes, you are required to possess a confirmed flight ticket to show your authenticity. 

A short tip: You must book refundable tickets in case your application gets rejected.


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