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Discover the Highest Paying Jobs in Canada Based on Your Education Level

Discover the Highest Paying Jobs in Canada Based on Your Education Level

On a regular basis, we look for clarification with regard to our career choices. We get stuck in situations where it becomes difficult to determine the most suitable jobs for ourselves. But we get your position if you are one of those job aspirants from Canada looking for clarification about the opportunities and options to explore. Proceed with the Blog if you still need help getting your head around which job prospect will pay you the right amount you need. Stick with us, and we’ll shed some light on the plausible options that may be open for you and help you figure out the best job suited to your qualifications and high-paying job in Canada. Irrespective of the background, you can secure one or the other jobs. Let’s start with the basic qualification.

  • Graduates from High School:

A lot of us wonder what value a simple college degree possesses. There are multiple offerings that may come in handy and pay you well at the same time for a simple high school degree. Here are a few examples to start with;

  1. a) Mechanics: Countries and cities continue to expand with the rise of globalisation, and along with the unending construction of Skyscrapers, the demand for elevator mechanics is also growing. The job requires installing, maintaining, and repairing elevators in exchange for a decent income. There could also be automotive mechanics
  2. b) Technicians: One of the popular demands for technicians comes from the power sector. The rising demand for energy consumption shoots up the requirement for electricity grids and requires continuous monitoring for smooth functioning. These technicians can earn a decent salary after finishing the required certification and on-the-job training. Some associated jobs from the allied sectors may even pay you around $ 100K per year.
  3. c) Sales Representative: It is a popular option for graduates. Most of the sectors require marketing and sales teams. The top trends are Pharmaceuticals, insurance and real estate.

It should be noted that all these job positions come with pre-requirements of job-specific skills and certification.


  • Vocational and Trade School Graduates

Many people find satisfaction in their profession and continue to strive for a job within their specialisation from Trade schools. Some of them are well-paying and in demand as well. Some high-paying jobs that require a diploma or certification are as follows:

  1. a) Professional Nurses: The healthcare industry is experiencing a boom post-pandemic and developing a demand for healthcare and nursing staff.

If you have done your nursing diploma, look for offerings offering a competitive salary and saving precious lives. The diploma is generally for 2-3 years, and you can expect an average pay of around $75K-80K yearly.

  1. b) Aircraft Mechanics and Air Traffic Controllers: Both these positions are fascinating to work at if you have a liking for planes and possess certification from the Canadian Air Traffic Control Association. As a mechanic, you are expected to maintain the engines, diagnose problems if they arise and earn a handsome income of around 90k- 100k or more based on your expertise and experience.

Other job offers include Plumbers and technicians, marketing assistants, and automotive technicians.


  • Moving ahead with bachelor’s degree Holders:

Beyond this, certification opens up a plethora of options for graduates across various fields. Some of the popular job opportunities after a four-year degree include:

  1. a) Software Developers/Engineers: Digitalisation has turned the world upside down. Software developers are in high demand, especially with a computer science degree or a related field. If you are eligible, you can develop innovative games and programs and earn a handsome salary. You can start with a salary of around 70K – 120K based on the company size, city and industry.
  2. b) Financial Analysts: You can rise in your career if you are good with investment advice and numbers and can pursue the job as a Financial Analyst. These professionals analyse the financial data of stocks/companies, provide investment advice, and earn a substantial income.
  • Master’s Degree Holders:

Some people have gone ahead with their subject and achieved a master’s degree. And we assure you that this extra effort from your side won’t get uncompensated.

  1. Medical Professionals: This profession covers a variety of skilled professionals who have achieved prowess in their fields. Ranging from surgeon, dentist and or physician, they all earn fancy numbers as their salaries range between 200k – 300K, varying based on expertise and experience.
  2. Pharmacists: If you have acquired a master’s degree in pharmacy, you can go ahead and open a pharmacy that serves a crucial role in the medical field. Pharmacists distribute medications, provide advice, and earn a generous salary.
  3. Data Scientists: With the unprecedented increase in data of innumerable events. Data scientists have taken the front stage. With a master’s degree in data science or related field, you can analyse complex data sets and help organisations make data-driven decisions. The field is one of the most trending as companies make huge profits due to policies and marketing strategies that are backed by data. The average salary that data scientists generally draw from the industry ranges between 150 and 200K.


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In this Blog, we have looked at various options that pay high amounts that a person may look for in Canada. Irrespective of your educational qualification and background, we helped you browse through jobs in all of them. Be it High school, bachelor’s, or master’s degree graduates. From power line technicians to data scientists, there’s something for everyone. Remember, education is just the starting point. Once you get started in a field, even with a meagre salary, once you continue to gather experience, you will earn bigger numbers as a salary. This Blog helped you to clarify the options to explore. You may contact a Canada Immigration consultant in India if you want to migrate to Canada and need help.


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