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Can Canada Tourist Visa be Converted to Work Visa?
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Can Canada Tourist Visa be Converted to Work Visa?

Can Canada Tourist Visa be Converted to Work Visa

Can Canada Tourist Visa be Converted to Work Visa?

We all recognise Canada as a highly sought-after destination for travellers and immigrants due to its impressive quality of life, welcoming culture, and diverse employment opportunities. Suppose you are visiting Canada and aspire to work here. In that case, you may wonder if converting your tourist visa into a work visa is possible. We have good news: changing your Canada tourist visa to a work visa is possible. Still, you must satisfy certain prerequisites before you apply. This blog will help you understand the basics of achieving it.


The conversion of a Visa from a tourist to a work visa in Canada requires a formal application and meeting specific requirements established by IRCC. We will be moving ahead step-by-step.


  1. Firstly, you need to secure a valid job offer from a Canadian employer for a position eligible for a work permit. A list of eligible occupations can be found on the website of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  2. Additionally, it is necessary to acquire a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to demonstrate that your employment will not have an adverse effect on the Canadian job market.
  3. Once you have a valid job offer and an LMIA, you can apply for a work permit from inside or outside Canada. If you apply it from inside Canada, you can do so online or at a port of entry. If you are applying outside Canada, you must do so at a visa application centre.
  4. The duration of processing for a work permit application can differ based on the specific circumstances and typically spans from a few weeks to several months. If your work permit application is accepted, you will be granted a work permit for a set duration that aligns with the terms of your job offer.


It is important to note that converting a tourist visa to a work visa is only sometimes guaranteed, as the IRCC will carefully review your application and may only accept it if they believe you meet the requirements.

When applying for a work permit in Canada, the necessary documentation is important to ensure a smooth and successful application process. Some of the key pointers to keep in mind include:

  • Prove your job offer through an offer letter and employment contract,
  • Submit your educational credentials and transcripts to prove to the immigration officials that you possess the necessary skills for the job.
  • Proof of funds to support yourself while waiting for your work permit to be approved.
  • Additionally, you’ll need to obtain police clearance certificates from any country you’ve lived in. The purpose is to conduct background checks on visa applicants to ensure public safety and national security.
  • Remember to include copies of your passport and visa as well.

Having all these documents in order means you’ll be one step closer to obtaining your work permit and starting your new career in Canada.


Apart from this, we also have some additional ways and tips to remember while applying.

  1. Try if you are eligible for a post-graduation work permit, i.e. if you have recently graduated from a Canadian university or college. This permit allows you to work in any job in Canada for up to three years.
  2.  In case the work permit application process takes several months, it is advisable to extend your tourist visa to stay in Canada legally while you wait.
  3.  If your tourist visa expires before your work permit is approved, you can still apply for the work permit from outside, for example, a Canada Work permit from Dubai and enter the country once approved.
  4. Moreover, if the job does not require an LMIA, you may qualify for a federal or provincial temporary foreign worker program. However, it is essential to note that these programs’ requirements and application processes vary.


Lastly, it is always wise to have a backup plan since converting from a tourist visa to a work visa is not guaranteed, and your application may be denied.

With the complex process involved, it is wise to consult with an immigration expert for guidance. Canadian immigration lawyer in Dubai can help you navigate the work permit application and ensure you meet all requirements. They can review your documents, assist with the LMIA process, and increase your chances of approval.


In conclusion, while converting a Canada tourist visa to a work visa may appear complicated, it is achievable with proper preparation and adherence to the correct procedures. Starting the process early and ensuring all necessary documentation can increase your chances of success. With determination and persistence, you can successfully navigate this complex process and broaden your opportunities in Canada. When in doubt, the best immigration consultants with experience handling work permit applications can provide valuable advice and assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1 Can you elaborate on the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)?

Ans. Canadian employers may be asked to secure a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) if they intend to hire a foreign worker. The LMIA proves that a foreign worker is genuinely needed to fill a specific role and that no Canadian workers or permanent residents are available to take on the job. If a positive LMIA is granted, it may be referred to as a confirmation letter.


  1. 2: Can I bring my family with me on a work permit? 

Ans: In most cases, you can bring your family with you on a work permit. Your spouse and dependent children can typically get open work permits, allowing them to work in Canada. However, they must submit their work permit applications to be eligible for the permits.


Q.3 Will I be able to switch jobs after securing a work permit?

Ans: Yes, you will be able to switch jobs while you are holding a work permit in Canada. However, to do so, you must secure a new job offer from a qualifying employer and apply for a new work permit. Your new employer must also obtain a new LMIA and provide you with an updated job offer letter.



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