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Best part-time Jobs in Canada for Immigrants in 2024
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Best part-time Jobs in Canada for Immigrants in 2024

Best part-time Jobs in Canada for Immigrants in 2024

Best part-time Jobs in Canada for Immigrants in 2024

Hello Readers! We would like to add our contribution to your job search. As we continue to settle, shift or migrate to Canada, we readily seek a job to manage our expenses. What follows is our search for a part-time job to settle at a good spot. No matter if you are a student looking for a side hustle, a newcomer or any other professional job seeker, we will help provide insights about the latest and in-demand job profiles you may look for that are also well paying at the same time.

Why Part-time jobs?
Part-time work helps because it comes with flexibility of timing, it is less demanding, and one can easily balance it with other social, familial, and educational commitments. A person may also work part-time for hobbies, to learn new skills or maybe explore different career pathways.
Continue reading this blog to learn about the best part-time jobs in Canada for Immigrants in 2024.

1. Customer Service Representatives: These executives form the backbone of any outlet, brand or e-commerce platform that you may be familiar with in your daily life. Retail stores and call centers are always on the lookout for these working professionals that help to sort out the backend problems of services, diagnose the issues or make you familiar with the product.
The job would give you the responsibility of handling customer enquiries, resolving issues related to any goods or services, or providing grievance redressal. The major requirement for this job profile would be good communication skills and lots of patience because it is not the cup of tea for everybody.

2. Retails Associates: Any brick-and-mortar store looks for supportive associates to help customers find products and provide assistance. This could be about explaining the service or convincing the customers. You can expect a stable income together with the opportunity to work in a team environment. Make sure you possess the ability to multitask and good communication skills. What may be expected of you as a retail sales associate Is that you will have to interact with constomer that walk in, exhibit products to them, and contribute to the success of retail outlets. This job profile will provide you the skills in customer service, merchandising, and inventory management. To your advantage, retail sales associates are needed in various sectors such as clothing, electronics, furniture, groceries and what not.

2. Servers/Supporting Staff in Food outlets and chains: Restaurants, cafes, and clubs require a lot of helping staff to run their businesses smoothly. While this profile may not suit everybody’s personality, it is nevertheless a popular choice amongst students and other newcomers. The role would vary on different outlets, but majorly, it would ask your help to serve and take orders and ensure the customer does not return unsatisfied. It would help if you also were efficient in building quick connections with the customers to make them feel at ease so that word of mouth for promotion keeps spreading and the customers keep returning. You can easily fetch somewhere between $10-15 per hour of work.

3. Event and Party Organisers: This profession is currently gaining trend as people continue to look for innovative ideas and creative setups for their parties, be it informal or a formal gatherings.
You are supposed to find scenic locations, utilise your creativity to develop an aesthetic appeal for your clients and make their events successful, be it weddings, birthdays, corporate get aways or anything else. You can also connect with some existing planners and work part-time to get an experience of it. Get a hold of budgeting, pricing, sourcing the decoration material and other things about the job. If you have social connections, then you may find some edge in finding initial projects. Remember, customisation is the key to satisfying any client as per their demands.

4. Freelance Content Writing: This part-time job allows flexibility in terms of timing as well as location. You may easily work from home; you need the basic paraphernalia and the knack for dealing with words. Remember, the job demands a strong writing skill and the ability to deliver what suits the reader. The applicant may be asked to write blogs, articles, social media content or other kinds of content depending on your niche. Expect somewhere around 20$ per hour of work.
If, as a student, you wish to relocate to Canada and need help regarding a Visa, then head to any Canada Study Visa immigration Consultant in Jalandhar to help you with the process and increase your chances of successfully securing one.

5. Tutor or Teaching Assistant: If you have secured a strong hold on imparting knowledge while you already possess expertise in any field, then you can try working as a tutor for students in various subjects. Depending on your qualifications, interests and experience, you can identify your target students and the subject to teach about. You can also feel the pride of helping others grow apart from earning a part-time wage.
Within this category also fall the jobs for teaching assistants in schools and language institutes where you can work with teenagers and other students to learn different languages or any other art skills.

6. Administrative Assistants: Another similar job profile but only differing in the kind of work to be dealt with. This demands good organisational skills along with other clerical and computer skills.
You could manage the side-tasks in businesses and organisations or manage smaller distributed tasks of managing schedules and appointments, answering calls and emails, and attending to enquiries. The work will fetch you experience in office administration and management.

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These are some of the best part-time jobs that we could discuss in this blog. While there are other job profiles like babysitting, personal trainers, childcare assistants and running gigs in new-age businesses like delivery transportation services, we will keep them for some other day. We also understand that securing a Study Visa as a student in Canada can be challenging. However, we would advise you to get in touch with any Canada Study Visa immigration Consultant in Delhi to better explain the process and increase your chances of securing one. I hope this blog was helpful in sharing insights on the later part-time job opportunities in Canada for immigrants in 2024.


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