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Apply for Canada Tourist Visa from India?

The Ultimate Guide for International Students in Canada

Apply for Canada Tourist Visa from India?


Have you decided where you’ll tour this year? Is it Canada? Then read our blog to know the details and how you can maintain a tiresome process into an easy one as well as a budget-friendly vacation. Canada is known for its beautiful weather, maple trees, a stroll around Sealine, capturing moments from CN Tower, and much more. So, the process for applying a tourist visa is tedious and requires for you to fulfill certain eligibility criteria. Before you plan to book flight tickets and hotels, take a look at the visa requirements and proceed accordingly.
How Can I Apply for a Tourist Visa to Canada?
First of all, make sure to have the required documents, then proceed to follow the steps mentioned below for applying for a Canada tourist visa:

Step 1: The initial phase is to check your eligibility requirements
Step 2: After eligibility requirements, the applicant must gather all necessary documents as mentioned in the Documents Required section.
Step 3: You can apply for a tourist visa to Canada either online or in person.
Step 4: Once you’ve submitted your application, pay visa fees as mentioned on site
Step 5: You’ll have to wait for an interview or biometric process after the fee payment
Step 5: After all the processes are done, you’ll have to wait and receive two letters, a decision letter and a letter of instruction, to submit your passport.
Step 6: You’ll receive a notification about your successful visa application
Step 7: You will be required to bring all the necessary documents with you upon your arrival in Canada

If you have submitted the wrong document then your visa might get delayed or rejected, so make sure to re-check every little detail in order for your application to get accepted smoothly and successfully.
Eligibility Requirements
The following are the eligibility requirements for applying for a tourist visa to Canada:
Medical Certificate
Bank passbook statement detailing your funds to meet your expenses while in Canada
You must demonstrate that you have links to your home country, such as a job, family, or property, that will urge you to return home following your stay in Canada.
You cannot have a criminal record or constitute a security or health danger to Canada
Children below the age of 18 years are not qualified to apply for a visa unless they are accompanied by their guardians.
Candidates who reside with family or friends must additionally show invitation letters from their sponsors
Documents Required
The following documents are necessary for a tourist visa to Canada:
A passport that is valid until the expiration date of your visa.
Documents demonstrating your links to your home country, such as a house, job, college, etc.
Recent Photographs
Proof of flight tickets and accommodation, etc.
Financial documentation demonstrating that you have the finances to sustain your stay in the country.
Present your travel history and details from your passport
Proof of Police background check is necessary
A letter of invitation from family if you want to stay with them.
Submit a document proving that you will return back after your visa expires
If you need to get a medical checkup prior to your travel, you will require a Medical Certificate.
The Different Kinds of Canadian Tourist Visas Offered to Indians
There are two sorts of Canada tourist visas for Indians depending on how much time you intend to stay in the nation. However, applications for the Multiple entry visa are automatically evaluated.
A single-entry visa lets you enter Canada within a specified time frame of six months, and if you leave the country once within those six months your visa becomes invalid, and you cannot re-enter.
As for the multiple entry visa, you have the luxury to re-enter the country as many times as you want within a period of six months.
How Can Giant Migration Assist You?
Giant Migration, with its wide knowledge and skill in immigration, can assist you in presenting your Canada visa application. Visit the best procedure for applying for a visa on the site. The Visa consultants and professionals will assist you with the following:
Identifying the best strategy for obtaining a visiting visa
You must go through and present your case in such a manner that the possibility of a personal interview is minimised
Assist you in demonstrating your finances/evidence of funds
Assist you with the paperwork
Visa application submission
Evaluation of your profile and the papers

our agency are also availabe at Dubai, and Qatar

The visa application procedure can be time-consuming and difficult. You can still acquire your Canada visa with a hustle-free preparation after reading carefully about the eligibility criteria and steps to follow. Then, with all the necessary documentation and information, you can smoothly proceed with your Canada trip arrangements. A small tip for first-time visitors, you can make a list of places you’d like to visit and capture Instagrammable pictures to flaunt your stay in Canada. Au revoir, have a nice vacation!

1. What are the visa fees for visiting Canada from India?
The visa fee is roughly CAD 100 for an individual.

2. How do I apply for a Canada tourist visa easily?
There is no easy process for visa application, but you can make sure to keep your documents up to date to avoid the last-minute hustle.

3. How long does the visa process take?
It takes up to 30 days or more, depending on the documents you’ve provided. If you have submitted the wrong documents then the process might get delayed for further verification process.

4. Do I require to submit a copy of the flight ticket and accommodation with the visa application?
Yes, you’re required to submit a copy of your flight ticket and accommodation details with your application.


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