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9 Tips to Increase Your CRS Score For Canada PR in 2024
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9 Tips to Increase Your CRS Score For Canada PR in 2024

9 Tips to Increase Your CRS Score For Canada PR in 2024

9 Tips to Increase Your CRS Score For Canada PR in 2024


Thousands of people continue to migrate to Canada in pursuit of a better and more secure life. However, the tricky part is cracking the Canadian PR, as it can be a challenging task sometimes. Inadequate knowledge about ways to boost CRS scores leaves us behind in acceptance of permanent residence. But worry not, because you have arrived at the right place. Today’s blog will share 9 tips to increase your CRS Score for Canada PR in 2024 that can help polish your profile under the Express Entry System.

Let’s understand the basics of CRS and The Express Entry System.

One of the essential ways to secure permanent residence in Canada is through the Express Entry System. It is a provision for inviting applications from immigrants backed by their respective scores called CRS(Comprehensive Ranking System) Scores.

This score can be understood as a new unit of analysing the merit of an applicant for PR based on multiple factors such as age, education, language, skills, work experience and provincial nomination. Fulfilment of each category rewards you with designated points.


The EES allows applications under three immigration programs: the Federal skilled worker program, the Federal skilled trades program, and the Canadian experience class.


The basic process of allocation is as follows:

The Canadian government, at regular intervals, invites applications under each program, and based on the scores meeting the eligibility, it sends out an Invitation to Apply for Canada PR from the Express Entry Pool. These are generally those people who have high CRS scores.


Let’s familiarise ourselves with some tips to lift our scores and chances for the Candian PR.


Tip 1- Work on your Language Skills

An applicant can secure up to 260 points just with their proficiency in English and French.

One must ace their language tests. The higher your test scores in standardised language tests like IELTS, CELPIP or TCF for French, the more points you get. Try securing a score of CLB 9 in all four categories (mainly reading, writing, listening, and speaking). In that case, you will get the maximum points for your first official language. Bonus points for being bilingual. Retake your language tests if you have failed earlier and try applying with better scores.

Tip 2: Work experience adds to your strengths

It carries a weightage of up to 70 points for a single applicant and up to 80 points for a couple. You can earn points for your work experience in Canada and/or abroad, as long as it is skilled work and you have corresponding documents to prove the same.

The more work experience you have, the more points you will get. For example, suppose you have three years or more of foreign work experience or one year of Canadian Work experience. In that case, you will get the maximum points for that factor.

To gain more work experience in Canada, you can apply for a work permit, a work visa, or a provincial nomination program (PNP) that allows you to work in Canada. If you need any help regarding visas, than contact a Visa Agent in Delhi.

Tip 3: Earn a higher/advanced degree.

It can give you up to 140 points for a single applicant. The process works the same way it is for previously mentioned parameters: the higher your level of education, the more points you will get. For example, if you have a master’s degree or a PhD, you will get the maximum points for that factor. Moreover, if you have a Canadian degree, diploma, or certificate, you can get additional points for having a Canadian education.

Tip 4: Apply for a provincial nomination program

This can be another influential factor to increase your CRS score which is to apply via a provincial nomination program (PNP) and get a nomination from a Canadian province or territory. A provincial nomination will give you an additional 600 points in the CRS, which will guarantee that you will receive an ITA in the next Express Entry draw.

Each province and territory has its own PNP, which is aligned with the Express Entry system. Each PNP has its own eligibility criteria, application process, and occupation list. You need to meet the requirements of the PNP that you are interested in and submit an expression of interest or an application to the province or territory.

Tip 5: Secure a valid job offer

Coming to the next suggestion is to secure a valid job offer from a Canadian employer and you are good to get points for having arranged employment. A proper job offer can give you up to 200 points in the CRS, depending on the skill level and the type of job. However do note the limitations that meet the job criteria like full-time and non-seasonal, for at least one year, in a skilled occupation (NOC 0, A, or B) and one that is verified.

Tip 6: Utilise your adaptability scores

Another way to increase your CRS score is to increase your adaptability; these are additional factors that can be clubbed with your profile. You can earn points for adaptability if you have a spouse or common-law partner who will accompany you to Canada. This is to ensure that your stability improves for settling. The common reasons for adaptability points include a high level of language proficiency, a high level of education, work experience in Canada and a valid job offer in Canada. For example, one of the factors is that having a sibling or parent who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident can earn you up to 15 points.

Tip 7: Reapply with a different program

Suppose you have ensured the pointers before these. In that case, we have another way to increase your CRS score, and that is to reapply through a different program if you are eligible for more than one Express Entry program. The CRS score is calculated differently for each program, and some factors may be more or less critical depending on the program.

Tip 8: Age Matters

Even if you wish or not, younger applicants aged around 20-30 are considered optimal for CRS scores worth 100-110 points in comparison to older candidates. We understand that factor is beyond your reach but still crucial for some applicants.

Tip 9: Reach out to a consultant

Even if you don’t buy this argument, it still holds relevance. Most of us find it difficult to assess our profiles and applications. In this case, contacting any immigration consultants in Delhi can pull you out of an incomplete, weak application. A professional from the field may be better equipped to guide you in this scenario,

Our agency is also available in Dubai and Qatar.

Conclusion: If we look at the latest trends, the CRS scores for all programs were around 478. While the minimum CRS to apply for it is significantly less. However, the top ones only get to finally apply for PR.

The recent highs in CRS scores are mainly due to the high influx seen post-pandemic. That’s where the competitiveness to score high comes into the picture. We hope these 9 tips were helpful in helping your application process. Go try your chances.


Frequently Asked Questions.

FAQ 2: How long will my profile remain valid if I apply for the Express Entry program for Canada immigration?

Answer: An Express Entry profile is valid for one year after submission to the Express Entry pool. During this time, candidates will be eligible for any draws conducted by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) where their CRS score meets or exceeds the cutoff threshold. If an invitation is not received within a year, the profile expires, and a new one must be created. It’s crucial to keep a close eye on the expiry date of your profile, so you can take any necessary steps to renew it if needed.



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